MBA Career Profiler

  • Combined value of the program is Rs. 7,150 special value offer at Rs. 5,800.
  • This is specifically curated for MBA 1st Year students and those who are joining the MBA program
  • Get to know your right fitment domain - HR, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Analytics, Strategy
  • Know what to improve in your Resume / LinkedIn for the upcoming MBA journey to increase your future chances of shortlisting for Internships
  • One to one session for MBA Brief and Journey Planning
  • An assessment of cognitive and behavioural (EQ/EI) skills to build a student-specific profile in terms of career preparedness
  • Understand the right industry and company fitment for your career
  • Duration is standardized to 7 days
  • Note:Once the process is started the execution cannot exceed more than 20 days

The MBA Career Profiler will help you in following:

  • Learn how to create Resume and LinkedIn curated according to opportunities with quality scores
  • Understand the analysis of self- assessments where the skill and competency is described in detail
  • Get your queries solved in one-to-one discussions with our Career Advisors

The program will enable the inner professional in you to sail through MBA easily with a structured approach for internships and placements. This product is unique because of the one-to-one discussion feature that we built-in with our top-notch career advisors. With this feature, we can better understand your background and work profile and basis the understanding of your personality and career preferences, we can provide customized guidance with your profile. All recruiters are looking to hire the culture-fit candidate, which they gauge from your overall profile. It is always important to understand the right set of cultural and work skills to create overall persona.

₹ 5,800 Inclusive of all taxes


  • 3 One-to-One Discussion Hours
  • Cognitive, Behavioral and EQ / EI Personalized Profile (worth Rs. 1,250)
  • Resume Quality Score (worth Rs. 1,250)
  • LinkedIn Quality Score (worth Rs. 1,500)
  • Industry Suggestor Assessment (worth Rs. 1,200)
  • Right Type of Organization (worth Rs. 950)
  • Understanding Me and Myself (worth Rs 1,000)

How do we engage with you

  • First 1-to-1 session with the experts to understand your background
    Initial One-to-one Discussion
  • Resume & LinkedIn Profiling
    Get the quality score for your Resume and LinkedIn
  • Understand fitment of your skills / abilities
    Behavioral & Cognitive Analysis
  • Industry and Company Analysis
    Help select the right set of industries and companies
  • Second 1-to-1 session with the experts to understand the use of profiler
    Final One-to-one Discussion
  • Curated MBA Career Profiler
    Understand the focused details of the profile

Key Outcomes

  • Get a right plan for the upcoming MBA journey
  • Know the right domain to target for internship
  • Distinguish yourself from your batch