LinkedIn Diagnostic

  • LinkedIn profile
  • LinkedIn jobs
  • Understand how to create an impactful LinkedIn profile highlighting your story
  • Learn how to showcase your internship, projects achievements
  • Ensure that the right set of transferable and domain skills are highlighted
  • Get an industry expert's view of your LinkedIn profile rather than an academic review by placement committee / seniors
  • This process takes 5 working days, in case of immediate help , for an application or interview, we can expedite the process to 2 working days
  • Note:Once the process is started the execution cannot exceed  more than 15 days

Product Description

LinkedIn diagnostic ensures you to create an impactful LinkedIn profile showcasing relevant skills and abilities so that you can present the best version of yourself to recruiters out there. It helps you make the most out of ‘Linkedin Jobs’ feature. It also helps you in writing an attractive Linkedin profile summary, which is one of the first things people notice when they visit your profile. The process of diagnosis is customized according to the needs of the customer, starting with the filling of the background information form. The product includes 2 one-to-one sessions with our career advisor, which allow a holistic discussion of your professional life to understand and map your personality, skills, and abilities to your career interest.  

Based on your interest's career advisors are going to guide you with the required suggestions and provide you with LinkedIn Quality score. Personalized recommendations will be provided for the areas of improvement. The experts ensure that you clearly highlight the skills and learning from your internships, projects, previous work experience, and achievements. You will be provided with a Cheat Sheet to further help you with this process.

This product is unique because of the one-to-one discussion feature that we built-in with our top-notch career advisors. With this feature, we can better understand your background and work profile and basis the understanding of your personality and career preferences, we can provide customized guidance with detailed steps on enhancing the quality of content on your LinkedIn profile. All recruiters are looking to hire the culture-fit candidate, which they gauge from your LinkedIn profile. It is always important to understand the right set of transferable skills and the methods to develop and enhance it more. 

₹ 2,000 Inclusive of all taxes


  • 2 Feedback Sessions (30 mins each)
  • 1-Page Cheat Sheet
  • Assessment Score

How do we engage with you

  • Fill in the background information form
  • Self Introduction
    First 1-to-1 session with the experts
  • Get the Quality score for your LinkedIn profile
    Quality Scrore
  • cheat sheet
    Guidelines and templates to build LinkedIn Profile
  • Review of the first draft and recommendations
    First Draft Review
  • Final Takeaways
    Last round of 1-to-1 discussion

Key Outcomes

  • Get a quality score on your current LinkedIn profile
  • Ability to showcase your experience and projects
  • Capture your unsaid thoughts from 1-page Resume