#Interview Ready

  • Mock Interview
  • Interview  tips
  • Learn how to exhibit best body language and maintain confidence in an interview
  • Understand how to structure the content and present it well
  • Gain awareness about typical mistakes and pitfalls
  • Know the interview questions asked specifically in your dream company
  • This process takes 5 working days, in case of immediate help for an application or interview, we can expedite the process to 1 working day
₹ 1,250 Inclusive of all taxes


  • 1.5 hour interview and feedback session
  • 25 Interview Q&As covering functional, personality, industry and company segments
Total Price ₹ 1,550 You save ₹ 300 (19%)

Key Outcomes

  • Increase confidence to perform in interviews
  • Run your interview more as a dialogue than simple Q&A
  • Better preparedness for upcoming placements