#Intern ACE

  • An assessment of cognitive and behavioral (EQ/EI) skills to build a student-specific profile in terms of career preparedness
  • Get a fitment analysis of industry, company and job profile you are the best fit for
  • Build the appropriate resume / CV to meet job profile and tell your story right
  • Learn how to exhibit best body language and maintain confidence in interviews and GDs
  • Understand how to structure your thoughts and present it well in an interview
  • The program runs all throughout the application stage and only stops when you secure your internship offer 3 months
₹ 4,000 Inclusive of all taxes


  • 3 Employability Assessments (Cognitive, Behavioral and EQ)
  • 3 One to One Hours per student (Interview and resume prep)
  • 3 Company and 3 Industry Completed Analyses
  • Job Role and Profile Fitment Analyses

How do we engage with you

  • Fill in the background information form to help us know you better
    Background Information
  • Personal Skill Mapping
    Identify the skills which make you a right fit for your dream profile
  • Help build skills for conducting company and industry analyses
    Industry and Company Analysis
  • Job Profile and Fitment Analysis
    Targeting the right job based on your skills and fitment
  • Help structure and build your resume for specific profiles
    Resume Diagnostic
  • GD and PI Preparation
    Use 1-to-1 sessions to help you prepare for the real test

Key Outcomes

  • Help make the right choice of industry, company and role
  • Get personalized solutions for you
  • Better preparedness for upcoming internships